I am Shelley Smart, an artist and amateur photographer. I recently moved to “The Beach.” I wondered how a whole year of beach living would measure up. What wonders might I find or see? How would the days change or remain much the same? Is there a rhythm to the days? Did the wind always blow? And just how bad for you was eating and breathing sand? In an attempt to answer all these questions (and more) I’ve been compiling a daily record in photographs and words of A Year at the Beach since February 21, 2010. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 28, 2011

Family matters and a move by my daughter from Texas to California took up much of my time in July. I don’t recommend a drive across Arizona and New Mexico in the summer! This photographer isn’t used to 112°F, as if many people truly are. As an aside, the mountains in AZ as seen across the desert are spectacular. I’d love to go back sometime with my camera in hand (not in an impossible-to-get-to suitcase).

But for now, I am back at the beach where the breezes are cool, the beach rather empty, and the waves intriguing as always. I made my way out just before sunset, hoping for magical light.

Immediately the lovely light illuminating the green of the first wave shown above caught my eye. In the second photo of waves, I just loved the pattern of these separate but equally charming waves. The evening light worked its magic as it brightened the foam that swept into shore.

And last but not least in the third wave photo is this lovely curl. How can it be so smooth?

As I walked back to the beach access, a friend called to me from her balcony to point out a friend’s child and dog running towards us. You know I’m a sucker for dogs.

It’s good to be back. Tomorrow I have more photos to post from my next-day’s trip out the beach. The weather had changed and drew me out.


  1. Great photos on this post. I especially like the lifeguard and the boy with his dog. You have made me look at the beach in a whole new way. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for looking, Carol! And that's not the lifeguard, just someone who really shouldn't be sitting up there! But the boy with his dog I just love, too!

    I think you already know how to look at a beach if your beach paintings are any indication! They are fab.