I am Shelley Smart, an artist and amateur photographer. I recently moved to “The Beach.” I wondered how a whole year of beach living would measure up. What wonders might I find or see? How would the days change or remain much the same? Is there a rhythm to the days? Did the wind always blow? And just how bad for you was eating and breathing sand? In an attempt to answer all these questions (and more) I’ve been compiling a daily record in photographs and words of A Year at the Beach since February 21, 2010. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 7 & 9, 2011

I needed a walk on the beach so out I went at sunset on June 7 -- I liked it so much I went out again last night, June 9. According to fishermen and my husband, this week mucho bait fish are trapped (?) in the harbor. And this week, there have been many pelicans diving off shore. I won't bore you with more photos of pelicans caught in mid-dive but instead offer up sunset views.

The top two photos are from June 7. The bottom three from June 9. I thought the light on the waves was beautiful.


  1. I am never bored with Pelicans caught in mid-dive! Oh, to be at the beach and see the sun rise and set over the water! Love the photos as always! Hope you keep posting for a long time.

  2. I, too, am never bored with pelicans diving, or caught in mid-dive! About not boring people, I should have put a :-) after that! Hee hee! Thanks, Lee!

  3. that top one is amazing!!! I agree with Lee!

  4. Thanks, Marian and "SKIZO"! Glad you stopped by!